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Artist Bio

Though we hear about internet success stories, ultimately very few brands achieve the kind of exponential growth that is headline making.    AsapSCIENCE is one of those select few platforms. Started in June 2012 by recent college graduates Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown, AsapSCIENCE began online as a YouTube channel.   Each week, the guys post a 2-3 minute videos about a scientific topic.  The videos are conceptually basic but flawlessly executed. And unlike most of the scientific fare that is out there, the videos are colorful, engaging, and perhaps most importantly-they answer questions people actually want to learn about(How does Plan B work? What exactly causes hangovers? Can money buy happiness?), in ways that are absolutely relatable and utterly addictive.

That thoughtful and flawless execution is what the guys credit for their incredible growth—in just over six months, Asap has amassed 600,00 subscribers and their videos have been viewed over 50,000,000 times.  Considering 72 hours up video are uploaded every minute to YouTube and most videos are only viewed a handful of times, that’s a pretty incredible accomplishment. Especially for two college-aged kids whose starting fan base was composed of little more than their family and a few friends.

With an upcoming book in the works (Simon and Schuster, 2014) and several brand expanding opportunities coming their way,  AsapSCIENCE is both an established and expanding brand, ripe for new ventures.