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Artist Bio

Artist Bio

When twenty-something Brandon Doman finally acted on an idea he’d always had—to ask strangers if they’d be willing to share their story with him—he never imagined it would grow into a full time job and a movement many thousands strong.

People of every conceivable creed, class, race, and gender participate in THE STRANGERS PROJECT, whose guidelines number just two: tell your story, tell it truthfully. There are no other rules, no gimmicks, no agenda, and he’s not trying to sell you anything. It is simply a place where people can share, connect, and just be.

In fulfilling his own need to connect deeply with others, Brandon touched a nerve and aroused the same deep passion in others. The response has been hugely receptive in turn. Brandon has already done one TED talk with another in the works; Emmy award-winning TV correspondent Martin Fletcher said of TSP that it was “Healing our world; story by story; and he’s been featured on TV, online, and in print.

Like Humans of NY and Post Secrets, THE STRANGERS PROJECT is one of those deeply touching and resonating projects that cuts through the proverbial crap and speaks to the best in all of us. I dare you to read these stories and not laugh, smile, empathize, and feel a little more…well, human.

Perhaps THE STRANGERS PROJECT greatest achievement is its simplicity. It reminds us that amazing things can happen when you dare to ask a simple question like, “ What’s your story? “

THE STRANGERS PROJECT, the book, was sold at auction to Harper Collins and will be coming out in late 2015. To learn more about the project, please visit the website: