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Artist Bio

Artist Bio

Rebecca Peabody is Head of Research Projects & Programs at the Getty Research Institute. She earned a PhD from Yale University in 2006, and focuses her research on representations of race, gender, and nationality in twentieth-century American art and culture. Her scholarly publications include the co-edited book Pacific Standard Time: Los Angeles Art 1945 – 1980, the edited book Anglo-American Exchange in Postwar Sculpture, 1945 – 1975, and essays in exhibition catalogs, edited volumes, and journals. She has taught at Yale University and the University of Southern California.

In addition to her scholarly work, Rebecca is completing a non-fiction book The Unruly PhD: Doubts, Detours, Departures, and Other Success Stories – a collection of first-person stories that show there are as many right ways to get through graduate school as there are people willing to forge their own paths.