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Artist Bio

Creator of The Rolling Exhibition

1 year ago Kevin Connolly was asked by a little boy in Christchurch, New Zealand if he had been eaten by a shark.

2 months ago Kevin was asked by an elderly woman in Sighisoara, Romania if he had lost his legs in a car accident.

6 weeks ago Kevin was asked by a bar patron in Helena, Montana if he still wore his dog tags from Iraq.

Kevin Connolly was born in Helena, Montana in August of 1985. Born without legs, Kevin was otherwise a healthy baby and grew up like any other Montana kid; getting dirty, running in the woods, and getting dirty some more. Now, Kevin wants to take you into his world…

Everyone tries to create a story in their heads to explain the things that baffle them. For the same reason we want to know how a magic trick works, or how a mystery novel ends, we want to know how someone different, strange, or disfigured came to be as they are. Everyone does it. It’s natural. It’s curiosity. But before any of us can ponder or speculate – we react. We stare. Whether it is a glance or a neck twisting ogle, we look at that which does not seem to fit in our day to day lives. It is that one instant of unabashed curiosity – more reflex than conscious action – that makes us who we are and has been one of Kevin Connolly’s goals to capture over the past year.

Kevin began skateboarding and taking photographs for the first time in 2005. His first taste of living abroad came in 2006 when he left to study in New Zealand for one year. It was on the return home – skating down a backstreet in Vienna – that Kevin took his first prototype photo for what was to become The Rolling Exhibition.

Kevin’s images, shot from a camera at skateboard level, capture people in all walks of life as they notice Connolly for the first time. In a provocative multimedia lecture presentation, Connolly’s Rolling Exhibition features his perspectives on curiosity, human nature, and disabilities, hoping to make people question what they do on reflex. The talk features some of the best of his 3,200 photos he shot rolling through his subject’s streets, from the vantage point of his skateboard.

Kevin currently lives in Bozeman, Montana as a photographer and professional skier.