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Artist Bio

A self-professed polymath and science geek, Siah hails from the small but postcard picturesque country of New Zealand. After High School he studied the performing arts, which led to featuring in television commercials and short films, founding a rock band, writing and recording an album and opening for a number of world-famous musical acts. Moving on to study broadcasting he worked in radio promotions and copywriting before travelling through Europe, marrying an English girl and finally sitting down to write the first in a trilogy of science-fiction novels.

Siah’s trilogy begins with INFINITY LOST, due to be released with Amazon Publishing in late 2015. It introduces us to a future world where technology means no-one goes hungry, medical advancements provide long worry free lives and natural disasters are carefully controlled, all thanks to the founder of the most powerful advanced technology company in the world, Dr. Richard Blackstone. Although he is globally revered as a visionary and genius, Dr. Blackstone is so reclusive that even his only daughter, lonely seventeen year old Finn Blackstone, considers him a distant stranger. So distant that they’ve met just once before, in the middle of the night, when she only a small child.

But when disturbing waking dreams about her past begin to haunt her, Finn embarks on a journey to seek answers from her absent father. Thanks to her computer hacking best friend Bettina, a school field trip is scheduled for Finn’s science class to visit her father’s top secret research complex- Blackstone Technologies, a dazzling secret facility of scientific wonders that is as dangerous as it is remarkable. When the unwitting group of students find themselves trapped within Blackstone’s deadly shape shifting walls, Finn and her classmates must fight for survival in a terrifying labyrinth of death, where the horrifying truth about who Finn really is could either save their lives, or send them plummeting towards the senseless destruction of humanity.

INFINITY LOST by S. Harrison is a remarkable debut YA crossover title that immerses the reader in a futuristic world that is as gripping as it is fiercely confronting.